Creating New Park Pages

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Thanks for being willing to contribute to this Wiki. This wiki is intended to gather some standard information on each park. Please follow this guide when creating a new park page.

Check for an Existing Park

Please check and see if the park might exist before creating a page by following these steps. If the park exists then follow the guide at Editing Existing Pages

Search for the Park Number

Parks should be created with a redirect from the park number to the park page. Search for the park number by entering the park number with the dash in the search bar at the top. For example K-1234 and not K1234. If the park exists already it should come up.

Search for the Park by the POTA Name

Copy and past the park name from the POTA website into the search bar. If the park page exists it should come up in the search results. Note that POTA park names are created in two pieces in the POTA database and combined into one name on the site. This leads to some names that are different from the actual site name. When this is the case the park page should be created with the correct name and the POTA name should be used as a redirect to the park page.

Park Stub Pages

Many parks are entered as a stub or incomplete page when added to the wiki for an activator to update later. If your search found one of these stub please follow the guide Editing Existing Pages and update the stub page.

Create the New Park Page

Verify to the best of your ability that the POTA name is correct. Usually, an online search will confirm this. If the POTA name is not accurate then do a final search by the correct name in this wiki. If the the page does not exist at the top of the search results you will be offered a chance to create the page. Instead of clicking the link to create a new page, use the page Create a New Park Page. This page will load a template for a park stub page. Follow the embedded instructions to create the page. This uses Template:CreateParkPage.

You can also use Blank Park as your base page contents if you plan on customizing for bulk park addition. There's also Template:ParameterizedBlankPark for the bare minimum of page content being created easily. Make sure to include the correct categories, too!

If you are just creating a stub page. Replace the K-XXXX at the top heading and the POTA page link at the bottom with the park number. Add any category tags that apply. Most countries have subdivision like states, provinces, or districts and these can be the basic category for each page. In the case of US State the states are in the format of US-State Name, for example US-Texas. Enter a category tag by putting it at the bottom of the page. A Texan park should have this category at the bottom of the page:


You can review existing national level tags by going to the country category for the park and and subdivisions level tag by going to that subdivision tag.

Click save to create a stub page or follow the guide Editing Existing Pages to begin building a park page. Texan park subcategories are enumerated in a dedicated section on Category:US-Texas.

Special Case: Ambiguous Park Name

There are some parks that will have conflicts between the name. To disambiguate them, that is, give them unique wiki page titles, append the local region to the name of the park page and create a disambiguation page to help users find the correct park. These disambiguation pages are located in Category:Disambiguation pages.

Park Code Redirect

Also ensure the new park page has appropriate redirect(s) per Creating Redirected Pages.

Finding Parks to Add

For inspiration when looking to add parks or groups of parks, consider using POTA Statistics reports or searching using Park List and Park Map.

For the database All Parks listing, try: (old domain) or (new domain, has a delay in regeneration and might be error 404 sometimes).

Some park pages are referenced by another wiki page, but the park page (or redirect) hasn't been created. To see these page titles, look at the list of Wanted Pages.