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If you are not familiar with editing in MediaWiki please review the MediaWiki formatting guide at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting

Finding Pages to Edit

If you have knowledge about a specific park, use the search function! If that park doesn't exist, you may need Creating New Park Pages. Otherwise, use the template already on the park page to guide your entries.

Looking to help fill in park contextual information available online, no travel needed? Take a look at Category:Stubs and Short Pages for (many) candidates that could use more information! You can even jump to a Random Page and see if it needs improvement. Some resources you should look for:

  • Official park reference link(s)
  • Park hours and potential seasonal closures
  • Entry requirements
  • Park maps
  • Blog posts or trip reports from other amateurs

Down to Editing

Once you have a page to edit, fill in what information you know or can acquire from online resources.

Remove Stub

Stub Pages have the template {{Park Stub}} at the top.

If you are filling out a stub page please leave the stub template on the page until at least half of the basic sections are filled out. Remove the stub template if at least half the sections are complete.

Filling out Sections

Sections can be filled out in free text, just type it in paragraph form. External links can in inserted by copying and pasting into the edit window. If the link is long use the link tool at the top of the page and add a short description to display instead of the full link.

You can add subsections by adding a tag in the format

==== subsection ====

in the section. You can do this for named sites in a park or facilities in different state in parks that span multiple state.

Maintaining Page Titles and Redirects

While a perfect Wiki would have everything perfectly arranged, we are not robots and naming is messy. With this in mind, these are some resources for helping manage page titles and redirects.

  • Orphaned pages: these are non-redirect pages that have no pages, including redirects, that link to them. This probably means that the K-XXXX park code page that should exist for them is not redirecting to the correct place or does not exist.
  • Double redirects: these are redirect pages that point to another redirect page. Ideally, redirects are only one layer, but this can be caused by moving a page to a new name, leaving a redirect from the old name that is used by prior redirect pages. Cleaning these up is as simple as setting each redirect to go to the final page desired.
  • Broken redirects: what it says on the tin. These redirects point to a non-existent page and need to be updated if they are intended to go anywhere useful.