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Welcome to Parks on the Air Activators Wiki!

This wiki is intended to become a place for Parks on the Air (POTA) activators to share information about activating in particular parks. The POTA community is invited to contribute and actually edit the information for parks just like on Wikipedia. In this way those who "have been there, done that" can share what they have learned about a park directly and quickly.

David Sarkozi, WB5N activating Falcon State Park with a homebrew 10/6 meter hex beam

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What Kind of Information is Shared on this Wiki?

Activators, especially new ones, have a lot of questions about the actual "nuts and bolts" of activating in a particular park. "Where can I set up?" "What kind of antenna am I allowed?" "Do I need to tell anyone about my activation at the park?" "Are there restrooms at the park?" etc.

This wiki attempts to build a profile of each park in a standardized format to answer many of these questions. These profiles are built by you, the POTA activator community. For each park we would like activators to provide (and update) the following information for EVERY POTA Park:

  • Open times (Access Hours)
  • Entry Fee
  • Operating Sites in the Park
  • Park Facilities (restrooms, headquarters, entry points, etc.)
  • Antenna Restrictions
  • Cellular Phone Coverage
  • Special Considerations
  • Park Website
  • Park Contact information

Editing and Creating Pages on this Wiki

Ready to get started creating pages on this wiki? Even if you are familiar with editing in MediaWiki please do review these pages before making any contributions.

Note the domain name is not associated with the,, and domains. This wiki is a project of the POTA community of activators intended to enhance the summary information on, but is separate from the main, official Parks on the Air websites.