Moraine View State Recreation Area

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This Park Page is a placeholder!

This park page is a placeholder for the actual page. If you are an activator with knowledge of this park you are invited to register and help the POTA community and flesh out this page.


Open times (Access Hours)

Park closes at 10PM except for campers and people fishing.

Entry Fee

Operating Sites in the Park

Wild Sumac - did my first ever activation right by the lake. It has a small shelter, picnic tables in the shelter and one picnic table near the lake. Also has men/women latrines and toilet paper.

Honker's Island - did not activate from here, yet. This location also sports a shelter and latrines. There is a nearby children's park so may not be an ideal location if it is busy.

Parking lot by campgrounds - not inside the campground there is a parking lot that might be there for overflow parking. I know one activator told our club he activated from this parking spot with a vertical antenna. I do not remember seeing any shelter or facilities near this location but I did not scout it out too hard due to being right next to the campground.

Park Facilities (restrooms, headquarters, entry points, etc.)

One road to enter and exit the park. There is a road that goes around the lake in the park. The road across the dam was closed for repair but had reopened before my activation. There are latrines around the park and garbage cans. The HQ is near the entrance of the park.

Note that 4G mobile phone access is spotty at best. I was unable to access the internet to spot my activation. Could not hit any 2m repeaters from my handheld. May need a bigger 2m antenna up high and more power.

Antenna Restrictions

Do not know if there are antenna restrictions. I used a mag loop antenna on a tripod.

Cellular Phone Coverage

Special Considerations

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